Summer T.V. Time!

I love love love watching T.V. and I really get into my fandoms. Now that my regular shows are on hiatus its time for summer shows. I definitely need something to tide me over until my shows come back so that is why I usually start watching summer shows. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Bring It! (on Lifetime) I really like watching and rooting for the Dancing Dolls perform each week. I like that their coach Ms. D shows them tough love without flat-out being mean (hello Dance Moms).  

  • Rizzoli and Isles (TNT) This is a crime drama with a bit of a twist. Its about a Boston detective, Jane Rizzoli and her best friend Maura Isles who is a medical examiner. Yes, its your standard crime drama but I absolutely love the relationship between Maura and Jane which we all know lies the edge of maybe being more than just friends. Yes, I do ship Rizzles! 
  •  Suits (USA Network) I have been watching Suits for years now and I absolutely love it!! I never thought that I would start watching a legal show, but I do really get into the story line. Its about a big shot New York lawyer, Harvey Specter who hires a super smart young guy, Mike Ross with an eidetic memory who didn't go to any law school. I must admit that I started watching it because I thought that Mike and Harvey were cute but I ended up getting hooked on the story. I ship Harvey and his secretary Donna, hello Darvey! (okay I know I need to stop rambling, but I can't help it!)
That's all for now! 

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  1. Awesome suggestions I never heard of the TNT network. Lately I've been considering the sci if genre do you have any suggestions? I like all things British too any ideas aside from Sherlock ?