The Wonderful World of Nails!

I love love love changing up my nail polish especially in the Summer!
There are so many choices so it usually takes me quite a while to pick a color. I have always done my own nails so I have learned a bit over the years about doing nails. I have naturally thick and strong nails that can get pretty long. I have never had a problem growing out my nails which usually seems to surprise people. I have nice natural nails so I have never seen the need to get fake nails. I usually go for bright colors such as pink and purple. Here is a look at my most recent nail art. 
I used these nail decals to achieve the design. I also added a glitter topcoat from Wet N Wild that I can't remember the name of at the moment. The pink color is OPI's Strawberry Magarita. I like experimenting with my nails and seeing just how creative I can get with them. I have just broken a nail so I removed all the polish and am sadly considering cutting the rest of my nails to match. In the meantime I'm open to suggestions for what kind of design I should go for next. Bye! 

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