Daiso Haul!

Yesterday I went to Daiso, which is a Japanese store that sells a large variety of items that are all $1.50 USD. I love going to Daiso instead of a typical dollar store because everything is so cute! I love all of the adorable and inexpensive things that I can find. I always go to Daiso thinking that I only need to pick up a few things, but I always walk out with a ton of things. I could seriously ramble on and on for days about my love for Daiso, but for now I will get on to the haul!

These cotton puffs are the reason that I went to Daiso in the first place! These are my favorite cotton pads to use because they are soft, don't leave any residue, and you get a ton of them. I use these for toner and occasionally for removing my eye makeup. 

This is my absolute favorite pumice stone! It gets rid of the dead skin on the bottom of my feet without being too harsh. I already have one, but they are hard to track down so I decided to get a few back ups. 

I decided to try out this face brush because I can no longer find the Daiso konjac sponge. I have tried out this brush once so I need to use it more before I can give a review. 

I tried out this towel holder because I need a new towel holder. I haven't tried it yet so I don't know if it will actually stick to the wall. 

I was so excited to find these disposable gloves because I had just ran out of my old pack of gloves! Disposable gloves are so handy for things like hair coloring and applying self tanner. 

This was definitely an impulse buy, but its just so darn cute! I can't wait to have a new box of kleenex so that I can try it out!

This is another impulse buy! I thought that these were so cute and will definitely be replacing my cork coasters in my room. 

I actually needed a new sponge for the shower so I decided to try out this one. I have never used it but it looks like it will get the job done. 

I had a lot of fun on this Daiso trip and I hoped that you enjoyed getting a look at what I bought. Let 
me know if you enjoy this haul and if you would like me to continue doing haul posts. I am also curious to know if you have a Daiso in your area or what are you favorite Daiso items? Please feel to let me know in the comments below. 

See you soon, LittleMissFangirly


  1. Я действительно впечатлен тем, что вы смогли найти все эти предметы для 1,50 и все они полезны и мило. Мне особенно нравится хлопковых затяжек те так полезно и используется ежедневно. О, и в форме сердца подставки и крышки коробки так мило. Спасибо, что поделились я чувствую вдохновенно, чтобы найти элементы и предложения, как это. спасибо

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my posts! I really do appreciate you feedback.