Try It! Daiso Eyeshadows

Welcome to the new series I am starting which is Try It! This is a series where I will try new products or projects for the first time. Today I am trying some new eye shadows that I picked up at Daiso. Daiso is a japanese store that carries a wide variety of items that are all priced at $1.50 in the United States. On my last trip to Daiso I decided to try out these eye shadows because they looked like they had a variety of colors that I could use to create a ton of new looks. Lets take a look at how I liked them! 

This is the Santee New Palette Matte Duo (heart shaped shadows)

  • the colors didn't show up well
  • not all of the colors are matte
  • a few colors are shimmery
  • very powdery and chalky
  • shimmery colors have better color payoff

This is the Santee Wet Eyeshadow Beauty Secret Kit

  • all have a satin to shimmery finish
  • the lighter colors didn't show up very well
  • very chalky and hard to blend
  • using them wet or dry did not affect the pigmentation

This is the Santee New Palette Matte Duo (octagon shaped)

  • not all matte shades
  • shimmery shades have better pigmentation 
  • chalky/powdery 
  • hard to blend 
After trying all three of these palettes, I must admit that I don't like any of the palettes. While the colors are bright and vibrant in the pan they just don't have good pigmentation. All the shadows are chalky, powdery, and very difficult to blend out. I know that I shouldn't have expected them to be amazing because they are only $1.50 but I was hoping that they might compare with drugstore palettes. Although I am not blown away with these palettes, it wont stop me from trying more Daiso makeup. What are your suggestions for other products I should try out? Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below. 

See you soon, LittleMissFangirly


  1. я люблю читать о новых продуктах и ​​о хороших покупок. я имел большие надежды, что это будет работать, так как это было только один доллар и пятьдесят центов, но это стоило попробовать. удачи и сохранить хорошую работу.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting! Im glad that you found this post helpful


  3. I love the Eyeshadow Quad and Blushes from Daiso in Tokyo. I did a Japan Haul a few weeks ago. The eyeshadow Santee packaging looks cute though but sad to hear that the pigmentation wasn't good.Thanks for doing the color swatches and great review :) xo