First Impressions: The Face Shop Konjac Sponge

Hello! I just did a The Face Shop Haul which you can read here link! where I picked up this konjac sponge. I have been looking for a new konjac sponge since I haven't been able to find the one I usually use from Daiso. This one is called the Charcoal & Konjac Cleansing Puff which is basically a fancy way of saying its a konjac sponge that has some charcoal added to it. I believe that the charcoal is supposed to draw impurities out of the skin. I decided to go with this one instead of the regular one because I liked the shape of this one better than the regular one. I love konjac sponges for washing my face because they leave my skin feeling great. It doesn't feel like its doing anything, but my face feels so smooth when im done using it. Konjac sponges come from the konjac root which is found in japan. Anyways, here are my initial thoughts on this particular konjac sponge:

  • the teardrop shape makes it really easy to use
  • it comes pre-moistened which is nice 
  • it feels softer and nicer than the one from Daiso
  • I do wish that the string for hanging was a little longer but thats really a minor issue

Overall, this is a really great konjac sponge that I would definitely recommend to anyone! I love how soft and smooth it makes my skin. I use it with my regular cleanser, but you can use it on its own if you like. I haven't used this very many times, but I already love it! Have you ever used a konjac sponge? What is your favorite tool for washing your face? Please feel free to leave your responses in the comments below.

See you soon,


  1. I've never even heard of a konjac sponge, but this past weekly shopping trip I was looking for a facial sponge like I use to buy but couldn't find one. I will have to look into a
    konjac sponge Thanks for the info.

  2. I've never used this kind of sponge, but I have heard great things about using charcoal. Thanks for the great review!

  3. Omg I have one of these and it's definitely unique! Works wonders though!

  4. The pre-moistened seems a bit odd to me. Seems like it could attract bacteria...<3 Christine, The Choosy Mommy,

  5. I love konjac sponges..especially charcoal ones!

  6. i am using a different konjac sponge but for someone who loves face shop too, i will definitely check this out.