Latest Obsession: Rainbow Hair

For the past few weeks I have wanted to change up my hair. My hair is naturally long, thick, and very curly. I have never colored my hair or even changed up my haircut. By the way my hair is a dark brown and is all one length. I know my hair could not be any more plain. However recently, I have been in a phase where I want a drastic and dramatic change to my hair. That drastic change is rainbow colored hair! I totally blame this on Pinterest!

I love love love this look! The colors are just so beautiful! I love the vibrant rainbow colors, but I also love the pastel rainbow look! The variety of colors is so pretty and there are so many different color combos to try. While I do love this look I'm so afraid of damaging my hair with bleaching and dying that I can't commit. I am considering hair chalk or colored extensions to try out this rainbow hair without damaging my hair. I tried using oil pastels as hair chalk, but they didn't show up on my dark hair at all! Im thinking of going for a more subtle look so I'm thinking of trying rainbow highlights or tips. For now I'm just scrolling through Pinterest until I find a way to recreate this look. How do you feel about the rainbow hair color? Have you ever tried hair chalk or extensions? Please leave your comments below. 

See you soon, 

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