Try It! Daiso Face Washing Brush

Hello! In this Try It! I have tried the Daiso Woolen Face washing brush. Normally I wash my face with a konjac sponge, but lately I have had a hard time finding a new one so I decided to try something new. This is the first face brush that I have found that has wool bristles which intrigued me enough to give it a try. I decided to try this out with my regular cleanser to see how it compared to my konjac sponge. I followed the directions and wet the brush with water before adding my cleanser to the brush. 
 Here are the pros and cons of this face brush:

  • it creates a good amount of foam
  • has a comfortable handle
  • easy to use
  • rough on the skin
  • bristles aren't the same length
  • doesn't have a string to hang it to dry
Overall, this was a letdown as a face brush. I was hoping that this would be gentle on my skin, but it was much to rough. I really wanted to like this brush, but I just couldn't do it! I realized that I didn't like it the very first time I used it, but I continued using it for about 3 days so I could truly test it out. However, this does make a great cleaning brush so it hasn't been a total loss! I am still looking for a new product for washing my face and I'm open to suggestions. I hope that you liked this Try It! so please tell me what you think in the comments below. What would you like to see me try out next?

See you soon, LittleMissFangirly


  1. Шерсть кисть звучит интересно , и мне нравится , что он испускает пену , и глубоко очищает . С его грубо на коже я думаю, я хотел бы попробовать использовать что-то , как этонесколько разв неделю и до конца неделимягче лечения, чтобы очистить свое лицо .

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting!! Im really glad that you are enjoying reading my blog!