Try It! Daiso Natural Pack

Hello and welcome to this edition of Try It! Recently I have tried the Daiso Natural Pack which is a pore cleansing mask. I bought this several months ago, but I only recently decided to try it out. Although this seems like it would be great for applying all over the face the directions say to only apply it to the nose. I decided to try this on just my nose to see how or if it worked at cleaning my pores.You are meant to apply it in an even layer over the nose and let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. After that you just need to peel it off and reveal your freshly cleansed pores. Now that we have gotten the directions out of the way here are my thoughts:


  • it sticks on well and doesn't just slide right off the nose
  • doesn't leave the skin feeling dry
  • peels off cleanly without leaving behind any residue
  • doesn't remove blackheads
  • doesn't pick up much dirt/grime 
  • seems to sink into pores 
Overall, I wasn't very satisfied with this mask. I had hoped that this mask would be comparable or possibly even better than the Biore pore strips for clearing out my pores. When I peeled it off it didn't really pick up much except hair. It did remove a small bit of stuff from my pores, but not nearly as much as using a pore strip. I have heard that Daiso makes another mask which is specifically for the nose which I am curious to try out. What are your favorite pore cleansers or masks? What are your favorite products for removing blackheads? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

See you soon, 


  1. My skin will break out if it's been too long since I cleaned out my pores! You've got to take care of your skin!

  2. Oooh wow! Where did you get this from? I currently use dermalogica products! X

    1. I got this from Daiso which is a store that is only in Washington and California in the USA. You can also find it online. Thanks for reading and commenting! LittleMissFangirly

  3. How did I not know Daiso has skin care products?! Bummer this one didn't work for blackheads, but am oing to check out your other Daiso posts now :)