Battle of the Sunscreens! Featuring Biore, Aveeno, & OZ Naturals

Hello and welcome to the battle of the sunscreens! Recently I have been trying out 3 sunscreens and I have decided that its time for a showdown! I have been using them for a few months now so I think I can give them an honest review. I wear sunscreen on my face just about every day so I definitely put these sunscreens to the test. I had a lot of fun trying them out and I think I found a winner! Keep reading if you want to know which sunscreen came out on top! 

I have decided to start with my least favorite and work towards my favorite so that you have something to look forward to at the end!

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk in SPF 50 PA++++ link!

  • this is my least favorite out of the three
  • has a very thin and watery consistency
  • leaves my face looking white!
  • I'm already light, but this leaves me a stark pasty white
  • this does feel very light on the skin
  • this does have a matte finish 
  • has a strong alcohol scent!
I really wish that this didn't leave me looking like a ghost! If it wasn't for the color and the strong scent I think I would really like this sunscreen. I think this would be a great sunscreen for someone who is super pale, but its just not for me.

OZ Naturals Age Defying Solar Shield Tinted Sunscreen in SPF 30* link!

  • This is my second best of the three sunscreens
  • This has a medium tint that is meant to blend with most skintones
  • I found this to be a bit too dark for my skin
  • I wish this came in more shades instead of just one
  • This is a great sunscreen overall
  • Doesn't feel heavy or greasy on the skin 
  • Has that typical sunscreen scent
This really is a great sunscreen and I wish it came in more shades. If it wasn't for the color being off, this would definitely be in the running for my favorite sunscreen. I have managed to wear this by mixing it with a foundation that is too light to even out the color. This sunscreen does blend well with makeup which is a plus. This is a great sunscreen for anyone that has a medium skin tone. 

Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen in SPF 50 link!

  • This is my current favorite sunscreen!
  • It blends well 
  • works great under makeup 
  • has a light citrus scent 
  • doesn't leave a white cast 
  • feels light on the skin
  • has a matte finish
I could go on and on about this sunscreen! I have been looking for a great sunscreen for the past few years, so I was so happy when I found this one. I love it so much that I have a backup since I'm almost done with my first tube. Right now this is my absolute favorite so I will be comparing every other sunscreen to this one!

I hope you enjoyed this battle of the sunscreens because I had a lot of fun trying out and comparing these sunscreens. I found my clear winner right away which was great! What are your favorite sunscreens? Do want to see more product battles? Please feel free to leave your answers in the comments below. 

See you soon, 

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  1. This is SO useful because as someone who's basically the color of milk I burn so easily and I'm always looking for a good sunscreen to slather myself in!

  2. Thanks for sharing your top 3. Right now I'm loving Vanicream and Coola. I have super sensitive skin and can only use certain ones.

  3. I like Aveeno alot! I burn very easily so I always wear a minimum of SPF 50!

  4. Great info!! I'll have to try that last one!

  5. I always grab Aveeno. Glad to see they made it to the top of your list :)

  6. Finding a good sunscreen is SO hard!

  7. The high SPF sunscreens are always tough. It's hard to find ones that don't go white.

  8. I'm kind of obsessed with sunscreens and always looking for a better one! I'll have the try the Aveeno one, thanks!