DIY Crayon Lipstick!

Hello! I have been dying to try making my own lipstick and I finally found a method that works! This is so easy to make and you only need 2 ingredients, crayons and coconut oil. I wasn't sure about using crayons at first, but I found out that crayons are basically just paraffin wax and non-toxic coloring. From what I have read its perfectly safe to use on your face because they are safe for kids to eat. If you want to learn how to make you own lipstick then keep reading!


All you need is crayons and coconut oil! I used Crayola crayons because their colors tend to be more vibrant than other crayons. 

Step 1:
  • peel the wrapper off the crayons and break them into small pieces
  • place a small amount of coconut oil and broken crayon pieces into a glass bowl or dish
  • the amount of coconut oil you use will determine the pigmentation of your lipstick
  • for more sheer coverage use more coconut oil, for more pigmentation use less coconut oil
  • you can mix the colors to create any color you desire
  • I used the equivalent of half a crayon for each lipstick
Step 2: 
  • hold your glass container over a lit candle to melt the crayons and coconut oil
  • this only takes a minute or two to melt 
  • stir to mix the melted crayons and coconut oil together 
Step 3:
  • pour the mixture into your chosen container 
  • then you can pop it into the fridge for 10-15 minutes to let the lipstick set up
  • that's it!
Here's my finished lipsticks!

I loved how the colors turned out, but next time I will use more coconut oil so they have a smoother consistency. The pigmentation was better than I expected which was amazing! These lipsticks are a matte finish and are surprisingly long lasting. I had a lot of fun making these and I can't wait to make more colors! Have you ever tried making your own lipsticks? What are your favorite beauty DIY's? Please feel free to leave your answers in the comments below.

See you soon,


  1. Hey there! First I'd like to say I think it's great you're making the initiative to be more conscious of your products, and expressing the DIY side of yourself. However, I do want to add that there indeed ARE toxic ingredients such as toluene and benzene in Crayola's crayons and I'm only saying this because I care about your health.
    They even have written on the label to call a poison center to get the full ingredient list if anything happens. CNN did a cover story on their crayons and the toxic chemicals in parrafin wax (derived from petroleum, coal, or oil shale) . According to the United States National Library of Medicine eating paraffin wax can "lead to intestinal obstruction, which can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and possible constipation." It also takes up to 100 years to decompose and many toxic chemicals are used in the process of making paraffin wax crayons.
    I highly suggest looking into either:
    Using all natural ingredients like beets, tumeric, cabbage, etc and other herbs to get your colors or looking into "Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons".
    See Barefoot and Paleo's review on this. She has kiddos who wants to keep them safe and does research on products' safety. b

    Sami from (and admin of show your blog love group!)

  2. I don't know if I could ever pull that off but I love the idea!

  3. All the colors you could come up with! Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow! this looks really cool! imagine all the colors you could make!!!

  5. Great job! I actually did this also, it's so fun, and even though it says it's not suppose to be used for makeup, they only say that for legal purposes, crayons have way less toxins than the chemicals we used in our makeup!

  6. How cool is that? They're so pigmented too, I wasn't expecting that. Great job!

  7. I have done essential oil and coconut oil for lip gloss, never even thought of coloring it, great idea!!

  8. Woah! One more reason to be obsessed with coconut oil!

  9. This is such a cute idea! We love coconut oil too, and will be looking into the crayons mentioned by the previous post to try this out. Though I'm sure my kids play make-up has more toxins than regular crayons!

  10. I love this! There are some crayon colors I'd love to have as a lipstick.Time to start crafting!

  11. What an awesome idea! Can't wait to try!

  12. I love the idea of making my own lipstick!! So clever!