First Impressions Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray

I am always interested in ways to make my makeup last longer so setting spray have always seemed like a great idea. When setting sprays first came on the market a few years ago they were quite pricey so I held off on trying them. I was always hoping that a drugstore brand would come up with their own version. Fast forward a few years and there are several setting sprays from drugstore brands on the market. I picked up this setting spray from Wet n Wild in my latest makeup haul link! and I could wait to try it out! I was so excited to find a setting spray for about $5 so I had to pick it up. Keep on reading if you want to know my thoughts on it!

Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray link!


  • It does a great job of making my face makeup last throughout the day!
  • Doesn't leave a sticky film on the face (I was really worried about it leaving an annoying residue on my face)
  • It dries really fast!
  • The bottles sprays an even mist across the face 
  • It didn't irritate my skin 
  • Doesn't have a scent (I was worried that it would smell like hairspray!)
  • Didn't change the finish of my makeup 

  • It didn't make my eye makeup last any longer than usual 
  • The cap is really flimsy! I have only had it for about 2 weeks and it already has a ton of cracks in it
  • It feels like I had already used a lot of it and the bottle is tiny!
  • I wish that it came in a larger size, but I guess I can't complain too much since it was only $5!
Overall, I really enjoyed this setting spray and it did make my makeup last longer without melting off my face. I sprayed it about 4 or 5 times across my entire face once I had all of my makeup on. I have used this over the past 2 weeks and it has really made a difference in the staying power of my makeup! I would love to try other setting sprays so please leave your recommendations in the comments below. 

See you soon, 


  1. I have yet to try a setting spray, though I do own Urban Decays. I have the same concerns as in your pros list. So its good to know those are pros!

  2. i don't think i use enough makeup for this to be worth it for me. at least it is only $5 though so if i ever need it thats not a bad price

  3. Wow that's a good price! Especially to try it out so you're not out a lot of money if you don't like it!

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