My Makeup Story Tag

Hello! Since I have so much fun with makeup I thought that it would be fun to do the My Makeup Story Tag. I have seen this tag go around online (in blog posts and YouTube) for the past few years so I am excited to share my answers with you!

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

  • I started wearing makeup when I was about 16 or 17
How did you get into makeup?
  • I have always been interested in makeup ever since I was a kid. I loved watching my mom put on her makeup and she would let me play with her brushes. 
What are some of your favorite brands?
  • At the moment my favorite brands are Rimmel, Wet n Wild, and Covergirl
What does makeup mean to you?
  • Makeup is a fun way to express myself and change up my look. I really just have a lot of fun with makeup and I don't take it too seriously. 
If you could only wear 4 products, what would they be?
  • Lipgloss, concealer, mascara, and BB cream
What is your favorite thing about makeup?
  • My favorite thing about makeup is that it's not permanent! I love being able to try out different looks without making any permanent changes to my face. 
What do you think about drugstore and high-end makeup?
  • I think that high-end makeup has a great variety of color choices and the quality is usually amazing. However, I love drugstore makeup because it's affordable and the quality is sometimes even better than high-end makeup. 
What is one tip you can give to a beginner?
  • I would have to say practice, practice, practice! The best part about makeup is that it washes off so you can keep trying to get the perfect winged eyeliner until you can do it effortlessly. In fact, I still can't do winged eyeliner for the life of me, but I am getting better!
What is one makeup trend you have never understood?
  • Lately I have been hearing a lot about "baking" which makes no sense to me! Baking is basically applying a thick layer of powder over your foundation and concealer. You let the powder set and then wipe most of it off. In my opinion this just seems like a complete waste of powder since you are wiping most of it away!
What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?
  • I have been a big fan of the beauty community on YouTube for years, but recently I have found it harder to find people that give genuine reviews. 
I hope that you enjoyed reading my makeup story! I tag anyone who wants to this tag and if you do decide to do it I would love to check it out! I love doing tags because they are a lot of fun so please leave me your suggestions for tags that you would like me to do in the comments below. 

See you soon, 


  1. Love that you wear some drug store cosmetics. They are usually just as good as high end make-up! Awesome beauty post!

  2. There's still people out there in the YouTube that actually do give genuine reviews. At least the girls I follow :)

  3. Aw nice, it's always interesting hearing some people's relationship to make-up. I would definitely agree with practice being a big thing for beginner make-up users, that liquid eyeliner is not going to make a straight line itself.

  4. Really fun to read your makeup tag and your history with it. :) Practice is definitely key and I too love that it is not permanent. :)

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